GPU help with wattage for a new pci slot card

  Phil22 15:39 25 Nov 2016

I have an NVIDIA GTX 750 TI gpu , I want to upgrade, the PSU is 450 watt, I only have the CPU + Fans + HDD running most games on steam no need for DVD running, what would my PC Take , I know the PCI slots give out about ? 75watt , and upgrade card will need power , will I be ok

  caccy 16:15 25 Nov 2016

Nvidia recommend a minimum 500watt power supply for the GTX 750. If you are going to use another graphics card then check the manufactures web site for its power requirement.

Graphics cards generally require the most power of any component in a computer.

  Phil22 17:45 25 Nov 2016

Caccy ? I read some where a PCI Slot can only give out 75 watts of power, there is no power lead on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, it gets it`s power from the PCI Slot, so how can it require 500 watt PSU .

  Phil22 17:49 25 Nov 2016

here click here

  Bris 18:18 25 Nov 2016

If you check the spec in your link it specifies 60W for the card and recommends a system power supply of minimum 300 watts so it is capable of drawing all of its power from the board.

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