GPU fail - part 2

  kalstras 19:21 13 Jun 2010

I was just noticing my Motherboard after buying a GPU that I first thought (and was advised) was faulty.

My Mo-bo supprts PCI-EX1.6
and the card is a PCI-E 2.0

is this possible the problem?

Cheers for putting up with my noobiness


  Ibanez2010 19:38 13 Jun 2010

You mean your mobo has a pci express x16 slot. There's no such thing as 1.6.
And yes a pci express 2.0 card will work fine. So that isn't your problem.

  kalstras 21:49 13 Jun 2010

thank you for the answer, mucho appreciado senior :D

Back to the duff card thing then D:

  kalstras 13:14 30 Jun 2010

double posting for anyone that has this similar or exact problem....

I bought a PNY GeForce 512MB GDDR3 card and it worked BUT?!

Oh man, I went through it again yesterday didn't I? I thought to myself, if I could make a GeForce card work why settle for the 512 when for 10pounds more I could have a 1GB? I arranged for the Radeon card to be collected, uninstalled the new card, took it back and bought this. ZOTAC GeForce® GTS 250 Eco 1GB
and brought it home, and nothing, no bloody screen so I thought there is one last thing I never tried before. On the back of my comp there is a small black plate that says “Do Not Remove” well removed it and there was a VGA port, A BLOOODY VGA PORT!!!!!
I put my old card back in>fired up my comp> switched to onbard graphics> turned on my comp (mind you I have two monitors) so this would not have been successful without two> so I powered down, installed the new card> powered up> installed the card with the onboard still working>installed the drivers but, Error> “there is a problem.....yadda yadda yadda, VGA not compatible” HMM
SO VGA means the onboard, so I powered down, turn off the onboard graphics and VOILA!!!!!!!!!
I am now a working graphics card owner STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!
If I had done this in the very beginning I would be running DDR5 and DX11 - maybe
so as a Sadist, do I try this system with the Radeon card?!?! NO
I am going to leave it lol if I had the 1GB card here I would so, happy happy joy joy :D

my Zotec card is amazing and after over 9000 forums and help pages, I myself have sorted it out :D

  ICF 14:22 30 Jun 2010

This is what I said do in your other thread.You don't need two monitors you would have seen the error with it plugged into the onboard VGA port.
click here

  kalstras 22:11 30 Jun 2010

you did yes but not as I read it (idiot proof) I needed my hand held a bit more. But yes in a word, you DID say it :P

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