GPU fail

  kalstras 20:15 11 Jun 2010

just bought a new XFX 5770 GPU and after the PSU upgrade install, and computer running I decided to install the GPU.

well, the computer starts as normal yet it's like the monitor isn't even plugged in

when I unplug it from the GPU it says, "monitor going to sleep" but when I plug in my monitor it goes blank

the old card works fine though...

any ideas?

  Dark Mantis 20:23 11 Jun 2010

I take it that you have plugged in the extra power cables?

  woodchip 20:57 11 Jun 2010

Start in Safe Mode and Uninstall old Drivers and software for old card, then try right click desktop Settings Advanced You need it to show all devices under Adapter choose Generic. Restart Computer then load new drivers for new card and software from CD

  kalstras 21:01 11 Jun 2010

hey thanks for the help

1st attempt - didn't plug in the extra power :(

2nd attempt - plugged in the power

3rd attempt uninstalled the old drivers then installed card with power - still nothing

it's as if the power to the monitor is just not there?

The comp starts fine, but there is no screen at all

for instance, my monitor, when I turn my comp off says "Monitor going to sleep" this also happens when I plug in the new card...

I'm flummoxed and running the old card (also ATI) X1650SE

  woodchip 21:03 11 Jun 2010

If there is nothing at all on screen as PC is starting then the card is Duff, or not connected correctly

  Dark Mantis 21:09 11 Jun 2010

Can you try it in another slot?

  kalstras 21:18 11 Jun 2010

I heard the card duff issue and I went outside and yelled very VERY loud, then came back in and tried carefully once again and nothing so it's now back in its box

I only have one PCI-EX slot

How can it be duff i ask D:

  woodchip 21:25 11 Jun 2010


  kalstras 21:37 11 Jun 2010

how can it be proved oh man of wiseness?

or do I have to send it back to find this out?

  AL47 21:56 11 Jun 2010

is your psu up to the task?

  kalstras 23:42 11 Jun 2010

Hi AL47, I just upgraded from a 300Mhz, the recommended was 450 and I went to 650Mhz as I also run an extra TB HDD on top of the spec I bought my comp at, so yes, hopefully it is.

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