GPU crashes when I start up a game

  Andrej Vidic 21:38 10 Jan 2017


I was wondering if someone could help me with this problem that i'm having. It seems that something has gone wrong with my GPU, for a couple of months now it has been crashing every time I start up a game. My PC is very old, it has been repaired countless times and right now the only things that are still 'original' inside are the GPU and the CPU. Earlier this year my motherboard died and had to be replaced, before that however, my GPU would overheat every hour or so whilst playing games. The GPU hasn't overheated once since the motherboard was replaced but a few weeks after the repair it started crashing. The crashes occur very randomly. Sometimes when watching movies (rarely), most of the times when I turn on a game. In the menu it will crash but during gameplay it will be normal. I can play for hours on end without a single problem but when I start up a game there is a high chance that it will crash and that I will have to restart the PC. Can this be fixed without having to buy a new GPU? Help would be most appreciated!

href here is my GPU, very old but very reliable (At least up till now, had the PC for 9 years)

and here is what's happening:

[img][click here]2


  Archonar 08:39 11 Jan 2017

Have you tried updating/reinstalling your graphics drivers? They can usually be downloaded from the manufacturers website and is always a good thing to start with.

Also the link to your graphics card doesn't seem to be working.

  Andrej Vidic 08:59 11 Jan 2017

Yeah my drivers are up to date. I keep them in check with GeForce Experience. Here's the GPU, as I said it's quite old and updates for the driver are not very frequent.

click here

  Archonar 09:21 12 Jan 2017

It could be that the GPU is on it's way out, as you've said it's quite old and if it was overheating regularly it may simply have worn out. Could you try either putting that gpu in a different pc or putting a borrowed gpu in your pc and see if that solves the problem, that way you can be sure that it is the GPU that is causing the issue.

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