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GPS Navigation on phone!

  gazmix 22:40 03 Mar 2013


Can anyone help with this??

I just get that there's no internet connection & please make sure i have network coverage!

I do have internet connection as the 'globe' sign appears & when i end the app, the 'sattelite' logo is on my browser! Also when i do Google maps, the page says 'waiting for GPS to find status' so GPS must be working!

Help please!

  compumac 08:53 04 Mar 2013

Which phone?

  compumac 10:58 04 Mar 2013

One and the same person asking the question?

  gazmix 13:15 04 Mar 2013

i didn't know i wasn't allowed to post on other forums if i posted on here!?

I have posted before on here & never gotten a reply, so i post elsewhere too incase!

Also, because of my circumstance, i only have access to pc a few hours a day, so it halfs the chances of a reply in the time i have if i post twice!

  compumac 13:27 04 Mar 2013


No criticism of your posting, I have done it and still do it in the evnt of few replies.

I was only indicated that the posting referred to by Woolwell was one by yourself and that you would probably be aware of any replies to that posting. . Is it a Sony Ericsson W995?

  compumac 13:34 04 Mar 2013

gazmix. . You say you have internet connection "as the globe sign appears". Have you actually accessed web pages or are you relying on the fact that a globe sign shows? Do you have data access on the phone via your provider?

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