GPRS Connection Speeds

  some1else 19:27 02 Mar 2008

At the moment, my mobile connection speed is 57.6kbps. I've noticed that I can change the port speed to 115.2kbps and it works. Didn't really have it on long enough to see the difference because I understand that with GPRS, it's about how much data is transfered as opposed to the amount of time you're connected. So, if I double the port speed, am I transferring twice as much data? What kind of speeds or other mobile users connected at?

Just trying to get a half-decent understanding of how it works.

  tullie 20:02 02 Mar 2008

I should think that like your pc,if your connected,its a continues stream being transferred,wheather your doing anything or not,maybe someone can enlighten us.

  some1else 20:57 02 Mar 2008

My understanding of a GPRS connection is, although it's a dial-up, it doesn't work in the same manner as an analogue modem. with analogue, you pay by the minute or second, whichever; but with GPRS, you're paying for the data it takes to load a page or download a file, etc. For example, once a page is loaded, if all you're doin is reading the text, there's minimal to no data transfer, so you're not being charged while there's no activity.

I think I'm starting to get to grips with it. Just not sure whether or not GPRS, for all that I can open the port speed a little more, is fixed at a speed of 57.6kbps????

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