Gozilla will not pick up windows update files.

  prince midas 15:11 23 Apr 2004

USING windows update service.

I am updating a file from Nvidia geforce3 ti 200 but am unable to get Gozilla to intercept it.

Is this a known problem when updating from windows update & is there a solution.

  Mike D 16:07 23 Apr 2004

prince midas

I don't tink the problem is restricted to Gozilla. I use Get Right Downloader and Windows Update is on of the sites that it will not work with. I no longer have an NVidia card, but I seem to remember that when I did and I wanted to update drivers, the instructions explicitly said "No download managers or accelerators"


  Mike D 16:08 23 Apr 2004

Gawd, that's what having bananas for fingers does - think not tink.

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