got a spam email from British Airways and Facebook today to my guarded email-ran malwarebytes but??

  SANAP 23:04 25 Feb 2014

I have a few email addresses and one that I use paringly ie keep it for certain items, but today in quick sucession I got 2 spam emails on it, one from British Airways and the other from FB.

I then ran malwarebytes and quite a few PUP's were found BUT and this is the big but, a lot of the items found appeared to be useful and I then realised I do not have a clue what I should or should not delete!!

My queries are, how can my email get out and is there any guide that will tell me what to delete and not delete in malawarebytes?

I use win xp pro, norton security, spyblaster, ccleaner and on occasions try a few otehrs like malaware, adaware and so on.

  lotvic 23:17 25 Feb 2014

"how can my email get out"

it will be in the address book of anyone that you have sent an email to and if their pc or webmail is compromised the spammers will have all the addresses from their address books.

As for PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) only you will know if you use the program(s) in question and whether you want them or not.

Or perhaps you could list them and ask for opinions?

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