Got Software ....What now?

  animous 13:06 18 Jul 2004

I am an absolute beginner. I've downloaded Nvu as recommended on the Forum and 'played' with it for an hour. However the webpage I have produced looks nothing like any website I've visited and I find that the Help facility gives me little help. Is there an 'Idiots Guide' available anywhere?

  AndySD 16:22 18 Jul 2004

The simplest method to start with is using tables click here for a tutorial for dreamweaver...but you should be able to adjust it for your software.

  Taran 19:43 18 Jul 2004

Pagetutor is a good resource for beginners: click here

W3Schools is also worth checking out: click here

You should remember though, that it is best to have a good idea of what you want to see on your page or site before you start playing around with a web authoring program. If you click around willy nilly and generally mess about with things with no real direction, the likelihood is that you will come unstuck and it will all go that strange shape of pear.

Having a good idea of what you want to see on the page is half the battle. Chopping and changing things is OK for experimentation, but if you get something pleasing doing this is will be by accident rather than by design.

The introductory tutorials on the excellent WebMonkey site are also worth a look: click here

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