got rid of virus i think but have problems

  rubygxx 22:07 12 Feb 2011

Hi, i have my friends laptop , he had internet security suite taking over his windows security centre, it seems very similar to the last virus he managed to get, security master av, i ran malwarebytes and it found hundreds of stuff relating to security hijacker , trojans etc, they all got removed, i did this in safe mode and i have doen it in std mode too, i downloaded and tried to install avg, which i did last time i had his laptop but he seems to have lost it somehow, it goes right through the setup process but the i get an error at the end:- severity error 0xC0070643: error message , general internal error, additional message- reloading of avg database failed ( 0xE001003D ) context: MSI action failed, also, if i go on safe mode on his user name, the mouse pointer works fine, but if i load windows normally, most times i cant even log on as the mouse just freezes onscreen, if i do manage to get it to log on, it freezes on the desktop and when it does move , usually a minute after i have tried to move it goes off by itself,then i cant move it againi know that the windows security centre is clear now as the popups come telling me there is no antivirus or firewall etc , before it was the virus that was controlling that, the other problem is the screen flashes going very pale and if i cannot get the mouse to move to log off and shut down i have to press the button to force a shutdown, but this wont work , it stays on for ages eventually the desktop items go but laptop is still on it can take half hour before it finally closes with me pressing the power button intermittently, if anyone can help me out that would be great

  lotvic 22:32 12 Feb 2011

Please learn to use sentances, paragraphs and full stops.

What make and model of laptop is it and what is the Operating System, XP home or Pro SP2 or SP3, Vista, W7?

Does your friend have any Restore, Recovery or Op Sys CD/DVD's? If so then try a repair.

Does it have a 'restore to factory settings' feature? If it does then I would be inclined to use it as it would seem that the registry is really messed up.

I hope your friend is appreciative of your efforts and help and will take more notice of your warnings to have sufficient anti-virus protection in the future.

  Terry Brown 22:33 12 Feb 2011

As you are familar with AVG, download and create an AVG Boot disk click here.

This will enable you to boot from the CD and the disk will attempt to clear any virus/trogans from your system.

As the program works in LINUX, it is unaffected by windows software.

It is possible that the Windows operating system has been compromised, and you will need to reload the system in again.

if this is the case, boot fron CD, and select the second repair option.

  wossie 23:03 12 Feb 2011

I build and repair PC's as a hobby, I always used AVG (free version) until I heard about Avira (free version also) I installed XP on a friends PC and service packs drivers etc. Then I connected the LAN cable and installed Avira and updated it, then I plugged in my 2.5"external hard disk.....Virus detected...I unplugged it scanned it in my own PC with AVG no virus detected, to cut to the chase AVG failed to pick up the virus...Avira deleted the virus from all my flash drives and external drives. Then a problem arose when I double clicked a program or file I was presented with a list of default programs to open program, I found a program called "Disc Heal"(Google it) the program select the drive (letter) to heal, restart, job done. Fixes the damage caused by virus. my brother had a second drive which had a folder icon and took ages to open, sorted that too. Best thing to do is connect the drive in an external case and scan it with Avira and joy, re-install it. Try Avira first.

  wossie 23:10 12 Feb 2011

You forgot to put the full stop after Op. and Sys.

  lotvic 00:40 13 Feb 2011

How kind of you to bring it to my notice, thank you.

  rubygxx 10:07 13 Feb 2011

Hello and thank you for the replies, the laptop is an ACER travelmate 2310,windows XP home edition, he does not have the original XP cd and of course he did not make recovery discs .
I have tried pressing alt. and F10, which does not bring up an acer recovery option but it does bring up windows recovery console, which is no good i dont think without the original cd.
thanks for the help

  rubygxx 12:37 13 Feb 2011

Ok i downloaded avira and it found another two trojans,the disc heal did not report any problems with anything, i actually think he should dump this laptop.

Also the touchpad has little or no control over the cursor, either it freezes or shoots all over the screen with the slightest touch, i have no control over it to do anything

most times i cannot get logged on as the cursor just wont go, also the screen goes very light has very fast flickering lines,if i do get on , the battery is always saying it has no power even though the mains cord is plugged in !

  rubygxx 08:14 16 Feb 2011

Hello , i am having more problems with this laptop, i managed to get it back to factory settings, now it is windows xp from the start, nothing else on laptop

the thing is when i log on to windows the mouse cursor wont move using the touchpad, its just froze on screen so i can't do anything,i start in safe mode and the cursor works fine, so i stay in safe mode to try and reinstall the drivers for his wireless adaptor ( this has no built in adaptor)
when i click on install software from the cd, i get this :-1607 unable to install installshield scripting runtime
I cant update the laptop if i cant get online

another problem is while in standard mode the laptop will not power off, because i can't move the cursor i have to press the power button , but it takes about five minutes to actually go off and only after i have removed the mains adaptor charging it

  dororof 11:12 16 Feb 2011

The machine 'sounds' to be riddled with malware,i would use this......
click here .this

follow instuctions and post to an appropriate expert who can analyse and advise.
click here ...this

I do not know if there is an expert on this forum.

  dororof 11:15 16 Feb 2011

If you use 1st link v2.0.4.

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