Got a PayPal Account? Read this

  Jester2K II 07:08 14 Nov 2003
  powerless 07:09 14 Nov 2003


  Jester2K II 07:15 14 Nov 2003

Hope you didn't read it then..

  Tog 07:17 14 Nov 2003

Nothing that wants money can possibly be a "pal". Totally irrational of me I know but adverts/companies that use chummy words get my back up, not my business.

  VoG II 07:40 14 Nov 2003

No I don't but very useful info - thanks.

  hoverman 08:13 14 Nov 2003

I use PayPal for buying on eBay and am not worried at all. PayPal, like all other financial institutions, Microsoft and eBay, have made it quite clear to their customers NEVER to reply to scam e-mails requesting details.

  xania 08:48 14 Nov 2003

I'm sure we can all think up some fun ways to respond to this e-mail if we receive it.

  Xevious 09:08 14 Nov 2003

anyone gullible enough to fall for it, deserves what's coming to them... no i don't mean to be that nasty... the faster the word can spread that you just don't open attachments unless you're sure about it. if i ever receive an attachment i'm not expecting, i'll do a google search on it before opening. it's like the email pretending to be from microsoft... all those who don't know it yet, DON'T OPEN IT!!!! microsoft will NOT send out attachments via email...

btw, i have a paypal acc and on their web is a warning about this. i haven't been stung, but then i know what to look out for, being in the IT industry has it's advantages... lol

  Ben Avery 09:14 14 Nov 2003

I have one, uise it regularly and hopefully like to think that I'd never be silly enough to fall for a scam like that!

It even have the classic double extension symptoms! Who still opens them I wonder...

Cheers though Jester


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