got a new pc and got a "Back Up" drive (D:) ?????

  GEEKSTA 18:16 19 Oct 2006

ive got a new pc and got a "Back Up" drive (D:) aswell a C drive but whats the back up drive for? it holds 58Gig just the back up drive. whats this drive for and can i get rid of it??

  Totally-braindead 18:19 19 Oct 2006

What make is the PC?

Did you get a full windows disk or a restore disk?

The backup drive could contain all the info for restoring windows back to new and if you delete it you could loose the ability to repair your windows installation.

Did you not get a manual?

  GEEKSTA 18:30 19 Oct 2006

its a dell dimension e521, in that drive there is nothing?? its just empty?

  Pine Man 18:35 19 Oct 2006

As far as I am aware all Dell computers have a partition containing a full system restore operated by Norton Ghost, even if you purchase the windows disk.

It may be that the files are hidden BUT in any event don't do anything to your computer until you have checked it out with Dell

  FreeCell 18:36 19 Oct 2006

I see from an earlier post today that you have a new Dell E521. Do not delete this partition or the data in it without understanding the consequences.

The backup drive you see as the d: drive is a partition on your hard drive put there by Dell to contain the Restore data that can be used by you shoulod you get into real problems and need to restore your computer back to its original settings. NOTE This will destroy any data and programs you have loaded or created so it is a feature to be used only in dire emergency.

The restore feature is described in your Dell manual under Dell PC Restore. In this section you will also find information on how to remove the Restore feature should you decide to do this at some stage. As your PC is new I wouldn't recommend you do this.

  Totally-braindead 18:38 19 Oct 2006

Its a Dell so the files are there and they are hidden. They do this deliberatly so there is no chance of you going in and deleting them accidently.
Can only repeat what the others are saying don't delete it.

  GEEKSTA 18:49 19 Oct 2006

but why does it need so much space 58G?

  Pamy 19:00 19 Oct 2006

How much space does your C drive have? 58Gig may be trivial to what you have on C

  GEEKSTA 19:05 19 Oct 2006

c dive had 171G

  User-312386 19:11 19 Oct 2006

A 58GB HDD partition sounds weird

I am sure DELL what would not have the tatoo on a second partition, it is normally on a hidden partition

Are you sure its not a second 60GB HDD?

To check this out, go into the BIOS (to do this press Delete at start up or whatever on screen sais) and look under Hard drives to see how many drives there are

  Pine Man 19:13 19 Oct 2006

GEEKSTA don't worry it is a small price to pay for security. If your computer goes belly up like my daughters did you will be really grateful for the loss of 58GB!

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