Got a new laptop...can't sort wireless connection!

  dkz 20:36 22 Mar 2008

I'm sure this is an elementary one, but I'm new to this...

I've replaced my old/tired laptop and need to set up the net. The system I have in place is a Netgear 54 MBPS ADSL 2+ modem router with my 'old' laptop having a Netgear wireless PC card. Works great with Virgin as the ISP.

The 'new' laptop is an Acer Travelmate 2490 - got it through work. It's wireless ready and recognises the Netgear router (even tells me that the signal strength is 'very good'!). The staus however is given as 'limited or no connectivity'.

I did have a good crack at setting it up with advice from various people. No success though, got as far as the 'renewing IP address' stage of the set up...then got the message that the network didn't assign a network address to the computer'.

Is the problem with the network (it's a work laptop so I may have restrictions - colleagues have had no probs at home though!)

Any help would be gratefully received.

  woodchip 20:46 22 Mar 2008

Have you first swiched the Wi-Fi on in the laptop. Could be a switch or Key's? If so double click the Wireless icon in system tray near clock. Look for Your Connection the click it and choose connect. If your Wireless Modem is setup for Wireless you may have to load and encryption key for it to work. This will be in the Modem Router Setup Page

  dkz 20:58 22 Mar 2008

Thanks for quick response. Found the switch and set to 'Wireless LAN enabled'. Clicked on the wireless icon and there's no option for 'Connect', just 'properties', 'disable' and 'view networks'.

Found the modem router set up page, it did ask for a Network Key. Will that be one of the long codes with the barcodes on the back of the Netgear router box? If so, which one?!


  woodchip 21:04 22 Mar 2008

In Modem You need to go to Wireless and Enable it, then try Connecting Wireless. If you can connect, go back into Modem page and Setup Encryption I think it's PSK not WEP as it's not strong enough You have to type in your own personal key that you want to use includes letters and numbers can be a mix of uper and lower case letters but make sure you write this down along with the SSID that you use. these you need to put into the Laptop settings. In the Laptop it may only ask for the Key

  dkz 21:17 22 Mar 2008

Just had a closer look. On the wireless network page, it actually tells me that I'm 'connected to this network'. Still has the 'limited or no connectivity' message in the top right.

From your last message... when you say 'In Modem' where do you mean? Also 'Modem Page', wheres that?

'scuse my ignorance. Am sure the answer's there, probably very simple.

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