got 3rd monitor, now games stutter

  bradas128 01:50 16 Jan 2017

Hello after getting a 3rd monitor, my game now 'stutters' when i alt tab back into it. fraps tells me i get a solid 60fps (or more in some games), but it looks more like im getting 15 after i tab back in. after a while, the stutter goes away but sometimes randomly comes back. this didnt happen when i had 2 screens, only started happening when i got the 3rd screen. running on borderless or fullscreen changes nothing, and ive tried installing the newest drivers.

intel core i5 3570, 24gb of ram DDR3, GTX 980 ti, 3x ASUS VS248

  Archonar 08:44 16 Jan 2017

Have you tried switching the cables around to see if it is a faulty cable?

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