Google's new Terms And Conditions.

  rdave13 23:13 10 Feb 2012

Remember the emails and pop-ups, some are still going on. Just twigged. Use you-tube (now called vevo) and if you replay you still have to use your bandwidth as the video is no longer saved to temp folder. So if you like a certain tune and wish to play again remember it downloads every time. Godoodlcon lives.

  rdave13 23:29 10 Feb 2012

Ran the same video in Vevo's site and once the video finished thinkbroadband meter still showed downloading continuing. So those of you with small download caps be aware. 10 GB won't last long.

  rdave13 00:00 11 Feb 2012

Possibly I've posted in the wrong forum and should have posted in consumerwach?

  rdave13 00:02 11 Feb 2012

The 't' was deliberately 'missed' for some reason...:(

  lotvic 00:35 11 Feb 2012

I'm struggling to understand all that info, me being dumb about who's who :(

In the meantime I found this

"Google owns YouTube, and that Vevo – by extension – has some Google ballast behind it."

  rdave13 00:49 11 Feb 2012

lotvic, Being dumb myself I don't understand your post. So we're square there.

What I'm trying (very hard) to put over is that if you streamed from You Tube, in the olden days, you could, if you didn't leave the page, play the same video again, through your temporary folder, without having to stream/download again. You can't do it now even on the same opened page.

  rdave13 00:50 11 Feb 2012

Try it?

  lotvic 01:35 11 Feb 2012

Ah, I see. Nothing in my temp, That's sneaky

I think all this streaming is going to start costing in the next few years not just bandwidth from ISP charges but also the channels that are now free/low cost subscription - can see all that changing once 'they' get us used to receiving stuff on demand.

  rdave13 02:29 11 Feb 2012

lotvic, exactly. I think I'll see a time where I'll go back to postal bills and not bother with the internet. Paying £18 a month for nothing and extra billing will put me off. Things seem to be changing for the worst again as the money grabbers, greedy outfits, are destroying a good thing, even worse than the pirates.

Time to take stock and think if things are heading the Google/You Tube and Vevo way, then the monthly bill from the ISP might not be worth it.

  rdave13 19:14 12 Feb 2012

Update. Strange as it seems the video that's streamed is still in a temporary folder somewhere. Once the video is streamed then the play icon changes to the refresh icon in the player. If you click that then it streams again.

Now in the player's streaming bar (for want of a better word) just drag the button back to the start and you can watch the video again without any downloading. I'm puzzled to what is going on and where the temp folder is for these streamed vids? Any ideas?

  lotvic 21:12 12 Feb 2012

I think I'll try disconnecting from internet and then attempt to play vid again and see what happens.

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