Googles is at it again... do you like it ?

  mooly 19:04 08 Sep 2010

Well after the disastrous buckyball doodle over the weekend, a "black and white" Google today, we now have this for Google account holder... but do you like it,
click here

In some ways Googles antics are getting a bit tiring... you want consistency... but this does seem rather good at first glance.

  MAJ 19:32 08 Sep 2010

You're going to give yourself an ulcer.

  grey george 19:37 08 Sep 2010

The toolbar search box has been doing this for ages, with my spelling I find it useful. As for the buckyballs, fun first time then really annoying.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:09 08 Sep 2010

It seems like a good idea for me. It can be turned-off if you don't want it and I can't understand why anyone is moaning about it. Except for one thing, they have not bothered to support Opera, so I will not be using it until they do.

  mooly 07:03 09 Sep 2010

You say it's been "going for ages"... yet I have never seen this before, and have never seen an option to enable it before even though I am logged into Google all the time. So it's new to me, that the "auto search suggestions" launch straight into the full Google search page... rather than you having to pick something to get to that point.

Grey George... the doodle wasn't just annoying, it crippled PC's globally,

click here

  morddwyd 08:51 09 Sep 2010

"The toolbar search box has been doing this for ages"

If it's been doing it "for ages", why would they announce it now in a blaze of publicity?

You might have had it in beta, but that's not quite the same.

  provider 2 10:20 09 Sep 2010

I had the grey Google in my `minimalist` search page yesterday. Each letter changed back to its usual colour with each press of of a letter key.

On Tuesday, it opened with an explosion of coloured blobs which then reformed to make the Google logo.

Frankly, I like it as long as it doesn`t use so much CPU that everything seizes up ... like the buckey ball fiasco!

I think it arrives with the Firefox Google toolbar update "gupdate1c9abab5c895" which appears daily in my Event Viewer> Applications, which also seems to be responsible for the various special day mods to the search box.

  mooly 12:06 09 Sep 2010

The coloured blobs was quite good for a one off... and only used processor power while in action, the grey Google... I didn't like, but, I never got to see any coloured letters as I typed, just unchanging grey all the time.
I deliberately don't have Java installed... maybe something to do with that... dunno.

So again the question like with the buckballs... were different PC's affected differently ?

I only use IE8 toolbar and (normally) Google as one of two tabs on there.

  provider 2 12:32 09 Sep 2010

Definitely to do with machine spec. High-powered systems seem to have been largely unaffected or had the capacity to run this without any significant slow-down.

It was much the same when PCA ran the Cisco ticker just below the banner. It had my processer struggling and my fans were going like turbochargers.

I think Google update (there are several of them apparently, depending on what you have installed) relies on JavaScript.

Here`s what Winpatrol Plus (services) has to say about them: click here

  gengiscant 12:40 09 Sep 2010

I wondered about what was happening,didn't like it,so switched it off.No problem.

  mooly 12:41 09 Sep 2010

Thanks for the link... just looked at the file path it mentions, and the only Google folder I have in prog files is Google Earth.

I remember the PCA ad that had a live search box (you put your postcode in or something) a few months back that caused excess resource use.

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