googlemail or gmail

  Old Ken 09:46 15 Apr 2010

After major problems with my previous email provider, I have been advised to open a googlemail account. I have done so, but the address seems very cumbersome. Is it possible to publicise by e mail address as *** instead of ***
I intend to use the account for emails (with attachments) only, not utilising the chat or other features.
Please keep answers non-technical!

  onthelimit 10:23 15 Apr 2010

I have a googlemail acct. Tried sending an email from Outlook to myself as 'gmail' instead of googlemail. It worked!

  mgmcc 12:21 15 Apr 2010

"googlemail" and "gmail" are interchangeable but, because "gmail" is a trade mark registered to someone else in the UK, Google cannot allocate "gmail" addresses to UK subscribers. Users can though simply adopt the shorter domain name themselves.

  onthelimit 12:53 15 Apr 2010

Thanks mgmcc - I didn't know that.

  Old Ken 13:56 15 Apr 2010

Thanks to mgmcc and on the limit.
My non-technical interpretation of your answersw is that it is OK for me to give *** to my friends as my new email address.However, I suppose there could be trouble ahead if the organisation with the gmail registered trademark starts marketing it as an email system.
Thanks again.

  morddwyd 07:12 17 Apr 2010

I am in the UK and have been allocated a "gmail" account, which I have had for several years and is in daily use.

  mgmcc 08:59 17 Apr 2010

Google did issue "" addresses in the UK until October 2005. See Google's own explanation at click here

  ronalddonald 12:15 17 Apr 2010

ken you can use both which is horter for

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