kim12 15:37 24 Jul 2012

Anyone have any ideas? I run XP SP3 which is usually very normal.

Just tried to view my gmail messages, but neither incoming or outgoing is visible except for 3 lonely items.(normally about 30 open items outgoing and about 50 incoming,) I definitely DID NOT erase the entries, and I can't find any way of getting them back.

I don't think System restore will recover them, would it?

  Terry Brown 15:46 24 Jul 2012

Have you tried sending an Email to yourself, and did it work?

Have you set up a spam program?, Is what you expected classed as Spam as Google might have filtered it out.

Have you changed the security settings.


  kim12 15:57 24 Jul 2012

Thanks Terry Email to myself works, but nothing else

  lotvic 16:09 24 Jul 2012

As there are several different ways of handling googlemail, can you tell us how you access yours? (for instance I can collect gmail pop in Outlook Express as well as logging in on Webmail gmail via my browser, there is also the IMAP way)

If you are on the Webmail page, have you clicked on 'All Mail' in the folders column?

  bremner 16:10 24 Jul 2012

How are you viewing the emails.

Througha client like OE or directly through Gmail on the web.

System Restore would not help

  kim12 16:23 24 Jul 2012

I view directly from googlemail, incoming and outgoing. Beginning to think that I need a new PC - this has happened before, and I lost all my messages. I am pretty sure that I did not delete the stuff computing goes back to before DOS, although I am not as bright as I used to be. This is 3rd time I have lost all my mails

  Woolwell 20:22 24 Jul 2012

"I view directly from googlemail" - I assume you do that using your internet browser. Is this Internet Explorer? Have you looked in the Bin folder? Are these old e-mails ie before 2009?

E-mails normally do not just disappear. They normally end up in a deleted folder first.

  compumac 09:33 25 Jul 2012

I recently experienced this, where received googlemail from weeks gone by were there and then suddenly only the current ones were displayed. I found that if I selected ALL they were there. I still cannot get my head round that. and I too, was there before DOS.

  kim12 11:15 25 Jul 2012

Woolwell, no, I use gmail directly. Never liked IE, and never use it. I have just been informed, by Compumac, who suggested that I try using the BIN. I did not even know that there was a bin, but thank goodness almost all of the messages have come back. Now I would like to know why they disappeared in the first plae, please. Don't THINK it was something that I did - never seen the "BIN" as it did not show on my list.

Compumac, enormous gratitude....but how can I be sure that it won't happen again? I definitely did NOT get rid of the emails.

Thanks everyone. Fingers crossed against the next time......

  Woolwell 11:28 25 Jul 2012

er I think that I suggested you look in the bin folder. They get moved to the bin folder when you delete them. You need to move them back to the inbox or they may go completely and then cannot be recovered. I am still not sure how you access the e-mails. Do you use Outlook Express or something like that? If you do not use IE what is your browser - Firefox or Chrome?

  kim12 11:39 25 Jul 2012

Woolwell, the "bin" folder had disappeared and re-appeared deep in my "contacts" folder. I had never even seen the "bin". I use Firefox. since you asked. Don't like IE at all. I have now found it and moved it up the list. Hopefully, I won't make the same mistake again - I have moved "Bin" much higher up the list, where, hopefully, I won't lose it! I take it I can move these "misplaced" items out of the bin and into the standard items?

Thanks to everyine - and, here is a good tip - DON'T GET OLD AND STUPID, LIKE I AM DOING REGULARLY!

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