google wont find me

  [DELETED] 11:50 24 Feb 2006

have been adding my web site for about 3 months into google.. it is a business address// is there a sure fire way of making doing this???
as it still dosnt come back in a google search??

  mco 12:48 24 Feb 2006

Post it here; people will click on it and it will get known. You don't actually need to add your site as the googlebots trawl the world to find you - but it does take time.

  [DELETED] 13:36 24 Feb 2006

digital video production

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  [DELETED] 14:12 24 Feb 2006

I'm no expert on search engine optimisation, but the main way of getting noticed by google is getting links to your site. E-mail webmasters with sites in a similar vein to yours, and get yourself added to the Google and Yahoo directories.

It all takes time, but the more people link to you the more notice search engines will take.

  [DELETED] 20:09 24 Feb 2006

Search engines can't index flash, video or images. It all comes down to the text and you haven't got a huge amount of it. You can do a lot by adding Alt text to your images. SE's also love anchor text so put some more links within your text to your other pages. SE's also put a lot of weight on the proper use of <h1> tags for the main heading on the page.

Less of a boost than it used to be but it's worth putting yourself into the Dmoz Open Project directory and, as has been suggested already, get plenty of links to your site.

There's a lot more you can do to optimise still further and it really does take a long time. Most new sites get put in the sandbox by Google which means they are kept low-key. it can take 12 months to be let loose. I'm only just breaking free after 15 months.

Keep working at it .... optimise where you can ... collect the links ... and be patient. It'll come.

Nice site BTW. ;-)

  [DELETED] 10:08 25 Feb 2006

its straneg because the site went to third down on the first page.. this morning i couldnt find it until th esixth page.. any ideas why .. i will make changes to site as instructed..


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