Google warning about spyware and virus infection

  Taran 13:05 31 Dec 2005

Anyone been getting a Google page 403 forbidden message ?

It redirects your search page and 'helpfully links out to antispyware and antivirus downloads.

I've had a couple of these errors this afternoon and it just seems to be one more reason not to use Google, whose search results have been getting less accurate by the day recently.

Here's a screengrab of the error: click here

It's irritating at best.

The system I'm getting this on has NOD32 antivirus software installed and it sits behind a commercial hardware firewall, and a network server. The network server filters all traffic through another antivirus product.

Out of curiosity I ran the Microsoft Antispyware product which came back with one suspect item (UltraVNC) which, as it happens, is perfectly safe (I use it for remote support on a couple of networks).

I also ran the Trend online scanner which found nothing, as I expected.

Just curious really, whether anyone else has been getting similar errors from the mighty Google.

The only other thing I can think of is that perhaps BT have one or more compromised servers and as my broadband supplier perhaps they are the problem, sitting in between me and Google.

Ho hum...

All the very best to everyone for the New Year - health and happiness to everyone.


  Taran 13:10 31 Dec 2005

Just tried Mozilla Firefox after disconnecting my notebook from my network and reconnecting it direct to my firewall, effectively missing out my network completely.

Same error message.

Looks more and more like a BT problem.

If I wasn't so absolutely sure that my system was 100% clean I'd start pulling Ghost images back to restore my laptops, desktops and server.

Too much hard work for no good reason methinks...

  Taran 13:24 31 Dec 2005

Searching for devside web server produces the error.

Searching for devside, or devside server is fine.

Searching for devside web also throws up the error.

The search relates to a web server bundle you can download and install on your own PC: click here

I need to lie down before I hurt myself...


  VoG II 13:50 31 Dec 2005

I've been Googling today, Taran, and I haven't had any problems (apart from not being able to find what I was searching for). I'm on a blueyonder cable connection.

Happy New Year.

  VoG II 13:51 31 Dec 2005

Oh, except when I put in

devside web server

then I get the error.

  mark2 13:52 31 Dec 2005

I have noticed that if I try to navigate through the google results pages (10 or more ) google gives me this warning. Perhaps the number of requests from 1 IP in a short time is making google think you are attempting a Ddos.

  Chegs ®™ 14:05 31 Dec 2005

"A computer virus or spyware application is sending us automated requests..."

I read somewhere recently the reason why this was happening,but can't recall if it was a PCA thread or a website elsewhere.

I think its google's way to inform the world their servers are frequently under attack,not surprising with their almighty web presense.

Happy New Year Taran.

  Chegs ®™ 14:11 31 Dec 2005

PS: Its only google that causes an 403 error,if you google for other search engines(altavista,etc)then you can get the "devside web server" search term to produce the URL you have posted.

  Taran 14:18 31 Dec 2005

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I'll tick as resolved, even though it wasn't really a request for help.

I knew my systems were OK and this was becoming irritating since I needed that link for a friend and kept throwing errors up when attempting to Google it.

As Chegs ®™ has pointed out, other search engines allow you to find what you search for without the page error and suggestion that your machine is somehow infected when it isn't.

Go figure.

Best wishes to all for 2006.

Have a good one everbody.


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