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  morddwyd 17:36 09 Dec 2013

Once again Google have done an update (why can't I switch off automatic updates, like any normal programme!) and I can no longer find the selection for "UK Pages Only".

Can anyone help?

  lotvic 18:21 09 Dec 2013

When results show, click on 'Search Tools' and then on 'Any Country' and choose UK from there

  morddwyd 18:59 09 Dec 2013


The "wrench" icon hasn't appeared in the tool bar for some years.


That was the normal method, of course.

Unfortunately the "Any Country£ option has disappeared, and all that comes up now are "Any Time" or "All Results"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:23 09 Dec 2013

Bottom right hand corner

click on it should change to thenc;ose the page

when reopened it should open as google again giving UK pages when you search.

  lotvic 11:07 10 Dec 2013

I found this on Google groups.

There is a work around that seems to work at the moment. This URL: click here performs a UK pages only search straight from the first screen. It means having two Google bookmarks/favourites set up, one for the global only URL and one for the UK only URL

  Woolwell 11:30 10 Dec 2013

I'm baffled by this one. Using Chrome (or any other browser) when I open Google it opens to not .com even if I searched for .com. I then do a search and at the results list at the top I get a menu which lists web, images, etc and at the right search tools. I click on that and get the option Any country and below that I can select Country the UK. Now what am I doing differently to get this option?

  lotvic 12:28 10 Dec 2013

Woolwell, I'm using Firefox and that is how mine is as well, hence my post Yesterday at 6:21PM. I can only think that on my pc Google hasn't yet 'updated' like morddwyd's? I can't think of any other reason for it to be different.

  Woolwell 12:34 10 Dec 2013

My versions of Chrome and Firefox are up to date.

Wonder if it is a do not track, or ad blocker or other anti-location setting?

  morddwyd 12:49 11 Dec 2013

Done it using Fruitbat's method, though I had to hunt for a screen showing "" borrow right.

Thanks for all the responses.

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