Is Google trying to stop me using other search engines?

  Glen 19:50 20 Dec 2014

I have Vista Business and use Mozilla Firefox. My search box (top of page) used to give me instant access to various search engines and other sites. It no longer works the same way, and I have had to bookmark all the search engines. The new "apps" symbol (9 squares) shows a drop down box with numerous apps which give quick access to various useful sites. Can I add other sites, such as Yahoo and Bing to this drop down "Apps" box? If so how? Glen

  rdave13 22:00 20 Dec 2014

What apps box? It's not Firefox you are talking about but your Google home page in Firefox? Google home page has the has the 'nine square boxes' box signifying YouTube,google +, drive, calendar etc. If the Google homepage takes all of your monitor's view try tapping once on F11.

  Nasumi 09:54 22 Dec 2014

Whatkind of "app box"? I do not really understand but if you want to use yahoo or bing as your default search engine, you can set it on the browser settings.

  kevinthepete 11:10 22 Dec 2014

From your description it appears you are using Mozilla Firefox with Google as your homepage. Whenever you launch firefox it displays the page with +username, gmail, Images and nine square symbol which upon clicking will give you various google subsites like youtube, gmail, maps etc. The answer to your question wheter you can add your own bookmark to this nine square symbol is no as these are maintained by google and its all the same for everyone and is not cutomizable. However, you may download an addon for Firefox by the name of Fast Dial and add your frequently visited sites in fast dials.

Regarding your second query that you are unable to search on any other search engine, it might also be because you have made google as your default search provider. You may verify the same by going into search settings of forefox by clicking on magnifying glass icon in search box at top and click on change search settings. Here you may add more search providers or change the providers as per your wish.

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