Google Translate ceased to function

  bpzoom 17:09 29 Mar 2019

Windows 10 Chrome browser: After years using Google Translate, today when I open it, it refuses to translate anything, gives Maltese as the language in the first box and refuses to change it, and offers no options of languages in the translation box. If it is corrupted, how do I re install it?

  difarn 17:52 31 Mar 2019

Very strange. Did this problem start after a Windows 10 update? Are you able to roll back your PC to a time before the problem started?

  difarn 17:53 31 Mar 2019

I meant to ask whether your Chrome browser is up to date. Have you tried another browser - Firefox for example?

  bpzoom 21:01 31 Mar 2019

I am not aware that any Windows update occurred prior to Google Translate malfunctioning. Friends with Windows 10 have no problem with their Google Translate. As far as I know this Chrome is up to date. I have looked through the settings and cannot find anything wrong. I have never tried Firefox. When I tried a system restore to roll back Windows 10 I got into a fix and gave up. It appeared that Windows 7 can be rolled back but Windows 10 cannot? I repeat that I have Google Translate working but only from an icon at top left, never from the usual full screen.

  difarn 21:41 31 Mar 2019

You can roll back to the previous build but I understand your reluctance.

click here I said Google Translate works perfectly for me in Chrome and Firefox but I am using Windows 7. Perhaps you could try with Firefox?


  bpzoom 11:42 06 Apr 2019

Google Translate is now working OK with Edge. With Chrome it remains unusable.

  difarn 15:22 06 Apr 2019

Glad it's working. Odd though. As I said it works for me in Firefox and Chrome on Windows 7 so I am leaning towards a Windows 10 incompatibility

  bpzoom 17:33 06 Apr 2019

Maybe one day it will start working with Chrome again and I will never know why.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:14 07 Apr 2019

BP, right-click your Google Chrome icon, choose "New Incognito window" then try the website again. Does it work in that mode? If it does then it's either a cache, cookie, or third-party add-on problem and I can advise further.

  Bald Eagle 23:18 07 Apr 2019

Use DeepL, best online translator I have ever used. click here

  bpzoom 10:55 08 Apr 2019

Thank you DeepL does not include Icelandic which is the main one I use. The others are Swedish and Danish.

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