Google Translate ceased to function

  bpzoom 17:09 29 Mar 2019

Windows 10 Chrome browser: After years using Google Translate, today when I open it, it refuses to translate anything, gives Maltese as the language in the first box and refuses to change it, and offers no options of languages in the translation box. If it is corrupted, how do I re install it?

  difarn 17:14 29 Mar 2019

I suspect it has somethng to do with your browser - are you using Internet Explorer? Have you tried a different browser?

  bpzoom 17:27 29 Mar 2019

Thank you. I use Chrome normally, but to try your suggestion I reverted to Edge. This produced the same result with Google Translate as described above.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:52 29 Mar 2019

Clear the cache from your browsers

Make sure the google language setting and location is set to english and UK

  bpzoom 17:58 29 Mar 2019

Sorry for being thick but what do you mean by "Clear the cache from your browsers" ?

  bpzoom 18:35 29 Mar 2019

I cleared all browsing data for past 24 hours and the Google language is English UK. Nothing changed on Google Translate. It is still stuck on Maltese and will not translate.

  bpzoom 21:45 29 Mar 2019

Uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it. Deleted the bookmark for Google Translate. Downloaded This loaded it as a Google extension with a small icon at top right of screen. When I click the icon it works, except I have to type the text into a small box at top right before it translates. I cannot use the main screen for Google Translate. In other words it is fine for putting in a word or a few words but not long text, which was possible when it used the main screen. There must be a way to use the main screen facility.

  difarn 17:09 30 Mar 2019

When you cleared the browsing data did you also clear the cached images and data just below?

I have tried Google translate in Firefox and Chrome and it works perfectly for me in Windows 7.

  bpzoom 17:14 30 Mar 2019

Thank you. Yes I did that. Also when I try to use Google Translate from the website, that too refuses to operate. I get the full screen, type in the foreign language in the left box but the translate tab is greyed out and nothing is translated.

  bpzoom 16:25 31 Mar 2019

Trying again, I brought up and typed in Je suis anglais in the left box. No attempt was made at a translation. What possible browser setting (Chrome)can prevent this working?

  wee eddie 17:39 31 Mar 2019

Forget Google Translate. Other free services are available

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