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  pj123 11:39 25 Oct 2003

Does anyone know if the Google Toolbar Popup Blocker counter can be reset back to 0? I checked the Options but can only see "Hide popup blocker count" My counter is getting quite high.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:52 25 Oct 2003

There is a Kill pop up count entry in the reg but i dont know if changeing this will set it back to 0,i know it shows number of popups blocked.

  Brazils 11:55 25 Oct 2003

If you put a tick in "hide count" it changes the display to "blocking popups" with no number count.

  pj123 17:34 26 Oct 2003

 ÑÌÇKÑÂMË where is it. Just done a search of my registry and nowhere to be seen?

  powerless 17:45 26 Oct 2003

The easiest option is to go for Brazils post and hide the count.

As for  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË way of thinking:


Look for: KillPopupCount

Double click, Change the "Base" to "Decimal" and you should see a number appear which should fit the number of popups blocked.

Change the number under "Value Data" to 0

Exit regedit.

Although it is the simplest of changes, backup that key just in case.

  pj123 18:00 26 Oct 2003

Thanks Powerless worked a charm. I don't want to hide the number but set it back to zero because it is getting very high now. It is now back to zero.

Thanks again. Problem solved.

  Zak 19:10 26 Oct 2003

I hope you don't mind me resurrecting this thread, but I have just installed the Google Toolbar and found this in the FAQs - nice and simple. May be of use to other Google Toolbar users.

7. Can I reset the pop-up blocker's count?

Yes. You can reset the pop-up blocker's count by holding down ALT + Shift and clicking on the pop-up blocker button

  mikef. 19:21 26 Oct 2003

Just checked Zak's post works perfectly :-)

  powerless 19:39 26 Oct 2003


Well there you go.

  mikef. 19:52 26 Oct 2003

Moral of this post read the info when installing anything, I'm as bad as most and don't so well done to Zak for doing what we should have all done.

  pj123 10:14 27 Oct 2003

Thanks Zak.

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