Google Titles Blue befor & and maroon after search

  Ex plorer 11:25 25 Mar 2011

Hi can I make the highlighted search titles stand out more or change to a more brighter color in Google after a search.
The dim maroon color is getting hard to distinguish from the blue search titles, my sight isnt as good as it used to be.

  robin_x 11:30 25 Mar 2011

NoSquint Addon for Firefox allows this (Global Settings/Color)

Doesn't seem to be available for other browsers but maybe there is similar.

  Ex plorer 11:51 25 Mar 2011

OS Vista - Firefox

  Woolwell 13:41 25 Mar 2011

In Firefox it is under Tools - Options - Content tab - Colours - Choose your colour for the underlines and untick allow pages to choose their own colours.

  Ex plorer 17:56 25 Mar 2011

Woolwell Bang on thats sorted it out its much better now, and thanks to all others for help.

  Ex plorer 18:20 25 Mar 2011

I have just noticed something after changing the background colour to a pale blue.

I used to have the lid on the laptop pushed fully back to see it clearly now I can use it just off the upright position.

Also the alteration to web page font colours have made ever thing look brighter and much more clearer to read.

  Ex plorer 14:23 27 Mar 2011

Also noticed that WOT disappeared and the only way to get it back is to tick allow pages to choose own colors instead of my choice.
I cant find a work round. had a look on google and it seems there isnt one.

  Woolwell 14:50 27 Mar 2011

I shouldn't worry too much about WOT. I've recently uninstalled it as I found that it was becoming unreliable (reporting sites that were good as bad). WOT requires colours.

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