Google TiSP (Beta)

  EARLR 19:33 01 Apr 2007

Has anyone Heard of this?
whose S···tting Who???

  Stuartli 19:37 01 Apr 2007

More details perhaps, whilst remembering the date at the same time.

  Kate B 19:40 01 Apr 2007

Threads about this all over the forum. It's an April fool.

  EARLR 20:09 01 Apr 2007

I didn't know Google had a since of humor.

  NChick 21:35 01 Apr 2007

A sense of humour is all very well and good, but for poor souls like myself who have to put up with a very slow dial-up connection, it's not that funny. I wouldn't be surprised if they receive complaints.

  Ashrich 22:40 01 Apr 2007

Sewage based WiFi , that's the one for me ! Makes all the others look really cr*p ( lol )


  itg 13:36 02 Apr 2007

only had to see the first picture of a wifi router in the bathroom! Then check the date!

  WaTcHiNg 22:49 02 Apr 2007

But on a serious note - someone has put some thought into this! No more digging up paths or wiring houses, use the sewage pipes which have bags of room in them to connect your wire through - wel, until someone gets a blockage and they get torn out by the guy repairing it.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:53 02 Apr 2007

For a gimormous company Google does have a refreshing sense of here


  Dipso 23:42 02 Apr 2007

This was obviously an April Fool but click here

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