Google Tablet Setting Up

  RussB78 11:23 14 Dec 2012

Hi all,

Got a new Nexus7 Tablet and need a decent manual to help me know what is needed and what is not when setting the Tablet up, like the Google Account and Gmail. Anything useful would be a big help to me, maybe a link to something I could Print out.

Many thanks for any help


  tonyx1302 13:17 14 Dec 2012

Hi RussB78. I had the same problem and in the end brought 'Nexus7 for Dummies' from (cheapest) and it is a great idiot proof manual. Had my Nexus7 for 3 months now and just love it !



  RussB78 13:34 14 Dec 2012

Many thanks Tony I shall order that Manual straight away, I`m glad to hear you are finding your Nexus7 OK to use.

Many thanks for your help.



  RussB78 13:43 14 Dec 2012

Hi Tony,

No luck there so will have to have a good search around, I`m sure there will be a Manual like yours somewhere about.



  tonyx1302 15:18 14 Dec 2012

Hi RussB78. I have checked around but it seems to be in a re-print mode ! How ever I think may have a copy at £10.50. If you live in Hants. Winchester area, you could borrow my copy. I was a complete novice were tablets are concerned but the Dummies book was excellent Kind regards and good luck


  northumbria61 16:50 14 Dec 2012

One here on Amazon - enter link description here OR a PDF version to download or read Online enter link description here

  northumbria61 16:53 14 Dec 2012

On the 2nd LINK there is a Video (Scroll Down)

  RussB78 19:46 14 Dec 2012

Many thanks to everyone, I have the book on order so should be OK now.



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