Google Street View

  Graham. 22:46 20 Mar 2009

For goodness sake, how do I find my town in this new facility?

  Tim1964 22:52 20 Mar 2009

Same answer as thread below (or above if someone has added to it)

Go to

Click on Maps

Enter your address

If the page has a little orange man figure and the words "Street View" on it then it's there.

It is only MAJOR cities covered at the moment so yours may not be available.

  Graham. 23:15 20 Mar 2009

Thanks, I am a major city, but my post code isn't covered.

  Graham. 23:16 20 Mar 2009

Thanks, I am a major city, but my post code isn't covered.

  Stuartli 23:35 20 Mar 2009

Apparently 25 cities in the UK are currently available.

It certainly seems to have opened a can of worms, though why people should be worried about their street being on show does somewhat surprise me.

One bloke on the wireless today said he could see that his front door was open and that that was a security risk...:-)

  ened 06:58 21 Mar 2009

These are the only cities covered at the moment:

England - Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Oxford, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Southampton, York

Scotland - Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow

Northern Ireland - Belfast

Wales - Cardiff, Swansea


In my opinion this privacy angle is silly, and most people want to see their houses on it. We even have a member of this Forum who is now famous!Although on the ITV news last night they did show a bloke coming out of a sex shop and apparently his face had not been sufficiently blurred by Google.

  audeal 12:46 21 Mar 2009

I think this software could be useful to Terrorists and criminals alike.

I haven't seen it yet but have heard of it. Could be dangerous stuff. Hope I'm wrong.

  ened 13:03 21 Mar 2009

Nobody is seeing anything they wouldn't see if they were to walk down any of these public streets.

The pictures were taken last summer so I don't really see how they can be of use to criminals.

  audeal 13:15 21 Mar 2009

How much has it changed in a year. I think it is a bad thing and that is my opinion only.

Maybe you would not need to visit the place to plan a crime, just go on Google Maps and you have the whole area mapped out for you.

  Jak_1 13:21 21 Mar 2009

The privacy angle does not even come into it under English law! Anyone is free to do what Google have done ie you can wonder down any street and take pictures freely (you may get some strange looks, but what the hell!), no invasion of privacy. The privacy laws only come into effect when you enter properties other than your own and start taking pictures.
Whether like what Google have done or not is irrelevent as they have broken no laws of privacy!

audeal, I think you are worrying about this to an extreme!

I think it is all rather good

  ened 13:39 21 Mar 2009

As a keen amatuer photographer with time on my hands (at the moment)I agree that you should be able to take what pictures you like.

I haven't had a problem with it but apparently it is now illegal to take a picture of a policeman!

In fact so many laws have been passed recently it is a job to know when you might be breaking the law.

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