google spinnnnnnnnning around as it loads up results? ..and unknown sys files in system32

  theDarkness 00:12 21 Nov 2011

Earlier today, the entire google search webpage rotated 360 degrees as I clicked on enter/as it loaded up my results-this afternoon, whilst completely sober ;)

My scan results picked up nothing. I have malwarebytes, spywareblaster, avast and online armor installed, and I have checked google uk and usa-yet its only happened once. Scan results are ok, nothing picked up, and it doesnt seem to have been google trying out any new gfx effects, as it hasnt happened since. On another (hopefully unrelated) note, I have noticed that online armor shows two '.sys' files in the windows\system32 folder in vista, and Im trying to find out what programs they may belong to:



Note the 'drv' in the files=are they drivers (or files related to drivers) for some unknown program? thanks for any help

  daz60 04:46 21 Nov 2011

Some research suggests that they belong to Easeus ,do you have this software on your PC.??

Online Armour

Online Armour

If not then possibly this,

Threat Expert

  theDarkness 14:20 21 Nov 2011

Yes, someone installed the free version of partition master. The date these two files were created, matches the date the Easeus folder and its contents were created exactly, so they should be safe. The modified date does not match, but its a date before it was installed, and likely to be related to be development. No fancy effects on google today, so if it wasnt an infection, or a short term google experiment, I can only blame the gfx drivers on this system

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