Google and sneaky inserts

  Caithness Teuchter 14:21 20 Dec 2014

I was interested in this month's magazine re sneaky installs with Avast anti virus. My problem in in a similar vein;

I have stopped using Google Chrome as I am bombarded with requests for Windows Checks; Driver checks; virus checks; toolbars etc mostly purporting to come from Microsoft or other completely safe source. Further they do not go away easily and finally I have resorted to using IE.

Is there a way to stop these "ads" popping up all the time?

Your advice to installation was superb advice for me as I did not believe I had the "expertise" to "custom" install. I would suggest that we ordinary users are in the majority, so thank you.


  spuds 14:39 20 Dec 2014

"Is there a way to stop these "ads" popping up all the time?"

If you install an 'ad-blocker' on the browser's you use, including Google Chrome, then that should solve your problem.

You can get 'ad-blockers' for your particular browser from the internet or add-on within the browser you usually use. 'Adblock' or 'Adblock Plus' will usually do the trick. Make sure that you download and install from a reputable website, like the original website.

  alanrwood 10:53 21 Dec 2014

You can install them from the Google Store FOC. There is even an Ad-Block specifically for Chrome.

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