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  budget84 16:31 15 Feb 2011

Hello there,

I am currently setting up a free google site as a temporary measure until I can afford to pay a company to set up a professional site for my singing work.

However, since I have been using google sites I have been experiencing nothing but problems!

All other web pages are working fine, but when I use google sites I am on there for about 2 minutes before the screen freezes and the 'end programme' box appears. It is very frustrating as I am constantly having to reload the internet every time it crashes, and something as simple as loading a picture to the site is taking hours.

For something that is meant to be simple and stress free to use isn't appearing that way at all!

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? Is this a common problem for this site?

Many thanks!

  Forum Editor 17:10 15 Feb 2011

on one word... bandwidth.

Google operates huge server centres, but still there can be problems at peak load times - there are just too many people trying to use a free resource at the same time.

Try working when America is asleep - which in general terms means between 3:00 and 11:00 a.m our time. You should find that things go better then.

All that is based on the assumption that there's nothing going wrong at your end, but the fact that you say you have no problem with any other sites makes me think it's bandwidth.

  budget84 09:29 16 Feb 2011

Thank you for your advice.

I have actually figured out the problem myself.

I tried accessing the site through a different internet browser...I was using IE...but I tried it on Flock and it worked :)

However, after using it all night, this morning I have tried to sign in to my webpage and it won't load anymore. Basically I click on the link to sign in and the loading bar goes all the way up and then it just stays on the same page, it's like I haven't clicked the link at all.

Any ideas why this is now happening? Thank you for your time!

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