Google showing correct URL but incorrect website details

  cyberphobic 09:16 09 Jul 2011

I have various domains registered with 1and1 for email purposes. Last weekend I built my first website using 1and1 websitebuilder. I am fairly satisfied with the results, but there is one major problem - when I enter the site into Google, the correct URL is shown, but the details about the website relate to a website my son built about a band he was in at the time. The website is about educational services so this is obviously very confusing for anyone interested in that subject and unlikley to win many new customers! I have spoken to 1and1 at length about this and inserted key words and generated mete tags but they tell me there is nothing else which can be done now and I must wait until Google visits the site and updates it's detailas and no-one know how long that might be. Can anyone tell if there is any way of getting this fixed quickly? emailing the Google webmaster for instance. I also need to understand how this can happen - it it IP address specific or hosting company specific? Any help would be very much appreciated.

  Ansolan 13:44 09 Jul 2011


If you are seeing content that came from another site at the time your new site was crawled, the most likely issue is a configuration error at the host. In virtually every case where this has arisen, that has been the cause.

However, not much more can be said without knowing the site(s) concerned.

  cyberphobic 14:15 09 Jul 2011

Ansolan - many thanks for your response - this is the website in question -

  cyberphobic 16:16 09 Jul 2011

Fourm member - thanks for your response - if I put into the Google searcbar I get the following results-

1)A WebsiteBuilder Website - Cached

2)Tristan And The Troubadours - Myspace - Cached Home · Members · Music · Lyrics · Myspace · Contact · TATT.

3)How To Contact Us - A WebsiteBuilder Website - Cached General enquiries: [email protected] ... Strategic Education Alliance Ltd Registerd in England and Wales Company Number 07640389. File Format: Shockwave Flash TEASERTEXT.Strategic Education Alliance

1) and 3) are fine, it's all the guff about Tristan and the Troubadours I need to get rid of if I can.

I'm very happy to receive any feedback about the website, it's my first attempt, so I'm keen to learn!

  Ansolan 19:59 09 Jul 2011


Plenty of helpful advice on the site, certainly a good idea to consider the way this is configured. Take a look at what Google currently have indexed:

site" target="_blank">">site search

Have a glance through the cache links and view the source code in these, some are from the other site, plus your blank home page (check the text version of the cache). The home page situation isn't going to change, although the others should with time.

No way of identifying the error now regarding the Troubador pages. May still be worth emailing more details to the host if you wish but not convinced that will produce much. As long as the problem clears up over time, nothing more to be done now on that front.

On the site itself, the point on spelling and presentation is important and beyond the spelling itself, people are not going to easily extract information from your pages. Much to be done in terms of layout, plus getting a clear message out.

This is not a universally shared opinion but I would walk away from site builders of that type before you waste time better spent elsewhere. Not so hard to learn to build a site yourself, maybe with template assistance but at least find a better WYSIWYG solution.

  Ansolan 20:02 09 Jul 2011

Looks like the link was lost, just enter:

site: strategic education alliance .com

in a Google search (without the four spaces)

  cyberphobic 07:12 11 Jul 2011

Ansolan and fourm member - many thanks for your help - very much appreciated - as noted the problem now seems to have resolved itself!!

  cyberphobic 10:08 12 Jul 2011

One problem solved - I now seem to have another one!

When my website is displayed on Google, it's title is "A Websitebuilder website" rather than the name of the website. I have spoken to 1and1 about this but not really had a coherent reply. I've checked through settings and am unable to see where I can make this change. I have generated Meta Tags and entered keywords but no difference.

"Ansolan" I was unable to follow your link - but this might lead me in the right direction if you could provide it again please?

Can anyone help please?

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