Google settings icon not visible

  thumbscrew 23:07 18 Jan 2017

Anyone know where the Google gear icon that displayed settings is gone? I'm trying to disable the wretched Google Instants (for the umpteenth time) but the icon's been removed by some meddling doofus.

  Forum Editor 23:20 18 Jan 2017

Go to the Google homepage and click on 'settings' in the bottom right-hand corner. Then click on 'Search settings' where you can disable the instant results option.

  thumbscrew 23:25 18 Jan 2017

Thank you, just a tad confused about whether if I make Google my homepage it will remove my current Firefox homepage???

  Forum Editor 23:27 18 Jan 2017

You can only have one homepage per browser, but there's nothing to stop you running two browsers, using a different homepage for each one.

  thumbscrew 23:42 18 Jan 2017

Thanks for the reply, very helpful

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