Is Google Search results loosing the plot?

  Chronos the 2nd 08:24 29 Dec 2012

I posted a link in this thread PCA see my 4:12 post and lotvic posted that the site was flagged as dodgy, click on the top one, I have used this site for a while and have never had any issues, but I posted an alternative link to the image I want to show the thread poster. A short while later whilst trying to answer this thread now I know that the 212 Evo is a CPU cooler from Coolermaster and thought that I would post a link to the particular cooler on the Coolermaster site. Except that Google has decided that the site, click on the top one. Oddly is OK just the UK version.

Is this a new addition to Google as these site have never been flagged before?

  rdave13 08:42 29 Dec 2012

The link seems OK now, Coolemaster uk still isn't. They might have been under attack and been black listed by Google until it's sorted by the webmaster, click">">click here.

  rdave13 08:43 29 Dec 2012

enter">">enter link description here last link again.

  rdave13 08:45 29 Dec 2012

Try this link ,

  Chronos the 2nd 09:18 29 Dec 2012


My link was fine it is actually the hosting site here, the top one after the ad ( that flags the problem.

But what I found odd was two sites I use regularly are suddenly blacklisted, very odd.

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