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  Taw® 20:06 04 Jun 2005

A friend has his own business website. For a while there you could find it through google search. Over the past week it seems to have been dropped off and no longer can be found in the google search.

  Taw® 00:37 05 Jun 2005

click here this is the url fourm member, keywords I dont know yet but will get back on this. What you say rings a bell; I am not sure of his host but he did say he was a little suspect of them.

  PurplePenny 15:52 05 Jun 2005

I just did a search on AlltheWeb for Copper Ridges and your friend's site came up first! But nothing would bring it up on Google.

It might be because the home page has no text on it so there is nothing for the Google-bots to get hold of.

It could also be simply that the site was down when the Google-bots tried to crawl it. If so they'll pick it up again next time.

Here is what Google has to say on the subject:

click here

  PurplePenny 16:06 05 Jun 2005

Google doesn't like doorway pages. They have this to say:

"Google does not encourage the use of doorway pages. We want to point users to content pages, not to doorways or splash screens."

I find this both annoying and patronizing. Although I personally don't like home pages that contain nothing more than a splash screen or (much worse) a Flash intro, the use of a splash screen is an artistic judgement, it isn't for Google to dictate.

There are very valid reasons for using doorway pages; for instance the "get out if you are under-age" doorways on adult sites.

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