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  Pepper9 12:01 04 Apr 2010

I have just opened Google in IE7 on my laptop to find that the front page has "lost" the option to choose Web or UK pages. When I type in a query the new page opens with the options for Web or Uk pages down the left hand side of the page with a small title "Everything". Google on my PC opens as it has always done. Why has my laptop changed?
Does anyone know how I can set it back to the original please? Thanks

  Eric10 12:47 04 Apr 2010

Could it be that your laptop is opening google. com and your desktop is opening google. co. uk?
The .com site doesn't have the Web and UK search options. If this is the case then there should be a "Go to Google UK" link on the page.

  Pepper9 12:58 04 Apr 2010

Thanks Eric - The laptop is opening according to the address bar.

  Pepper9 16:49 04 Apr 2010


  Diemmess 17:23 04 Apr 2010

install IE v.8?
This would overwrite any defects in IE 7

  Pepper9 17:33 04 Apr 2010

Thanks Diemmess - Has IE8 overcome all the initial problems now?

  User-1229748 18:33 04 Apr 2010

i've been looking into this problem and whilst doing so mine have disappeared aswell :o)

  Diemmess 18:41 04 Apr 2010

Perhaps I should have said "should" rather than "would overwrite any defects"!

I was slow to upgrade to IE 8 because of some posts here, but I took the plunge (with XP).
Everything went smoothly and remains so.

  User-1229748 18:47 04 Apr 2010

just did a reset of internet explorer 8 and put google uk as my homepage and now i have my options of web or uk back again :o\

  Pepper9 10:38 05 Apr 2010

Apparently Google have been experimenting with a new format and have placed cookies on some computers world wide. To change back to the "old" Google you have to delete the cookies (may take a couple of goes). Pity Google didn't tell people first that this is what they were doing!!

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