Google search box has vanished

  thumbscrew 23:08 18 May 2017

My Google small search box has vanished from the top right of my home page. Can anyone tell me how to get it back? I'm on Windows 7

  rdave13 23:32 18 May 2017

What browser and what home page?

  MJS WARLORD 23:44 18 May 2017

all i can tell you is i had the same problems as you , all of a sudden firefox and this site dont seem to like each other , just use edge or chrome. i got to the stage where i would right click copy my post text before trying to submit it so that i would not have to re type it in a different browser

  thumbscrew 00:14 19 May 2017

Firefox and Talk Talk Home Page

  wee eddie 00:18 19 May 2017

Many people spend hours trying to find ways to get rid of it. How did you do it?

  rdave13 00:51 19 May 2017

Not sure what's happening as this is what I get, click here on the dashboard.

If you have a Desktop PC try tapping F11, with a laptop you might need to press and hold the FN key then tap F11.

  thumbscrew 11:41 19 May 2017

Thanks rdave Eddie and Warlord. I've done a system restore and the home screen has now reverted to its original state.....I've no idea what happened! Briefly, my address bar has always taken up about three quarters of the top of the screen and to the right of it was the search box which gave me direct access to Google etc. Yesterday the search box vanished and the address bar then occupied all of the top of the box gone! As I stated, system restore has brought it all back, but I'm baffled as to why it vanished in the first place. Can anyone tell me in case it happens again?

  rdave13 12:07 19 May 2017

It could have been the zoom level in Firefox had changed.

  thumbscrew 22:16 19 May 2017

How could that affect the search box rdave?

  wee eddie 22:40 19 May 2017


  rdave13 23:23 19 May 2017

How could that affect the search box rdave?

Try zooming in to 125%. The google search box disappears here at that setting.

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