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  morddwyd 09:50 07 Jan 2010

How come I have suddenly lost the "Pages from the UK" option from Google in Chrome, but not in Firefox or IE.

Have I inadvertently changed a setting/option, or is this an update to an "improved" version of Chrome?

  The Kestrel 15:08 07 Jan 2010

I'm still getting the UK pages option with Chrome - I have Google as my home page.

  The Kestrel 15:10 07 Jan 2010

Just a thought, are you using the web address or the .com address?

  morddwyd 16:11 07 Jan 2010

I get the UK option if I type in, but not when it simply comes up as a default.

I used to me able to select the UK option in "Manage Default Search" but it no longer appears.

  The Kestrel 16:26 07 Jan 2010

I think if you set 'google quick search' as your default search engine for Chrome that might work. The set default is

  uli5 12:02 15 Jan 2010

Hej! Had the same problem. I got the "only pages from the uk" button back, when I changed the language for tips and messages.
Go to googles "search settings" and check if the "interface language" for "display google tips and messages" is "english"!
hope that does it for you

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