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  harristweed 12:51 07 Jan 2005

I used to have no trouble getting sites a reasonable ranking on Google, but now things have changed!

Two years ago I found that Google would rank a site inside a week and once I managed to get a site listed within 48 hours, nowadays I find it virtually impossible to get ranked on Google.

Sites that are in the top 10 on Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN etc don't get into the top 50. Why?. I suspect that the new owners of Google are only interested in 'pay-per-click'.

Has anyone else found this or an I doing something to get 'black listed'?

  Taran 13:03 07 Jan 2005

Yahoo and Google rank sites using different criteria, which is why their results are so wildly different.

In fact, I've recently been using Yahoo far more than Google since its results are often actually more useful than those returned from Google.

Without getting into the meat of it too much, some engines use keyword weights, some still like to see useful and appropriate metatags and some just read your page/site content as a visitor would and attempt to match its content to search queries.

The Yahoo system, although totally different to Google, sometimes produces better results. Not always though.

Personally I ignore search engines as much as possible. If I design a search engine sympathetic site and refresh its content regularly, if the layout and underlying cosing is good about the best chance it has after being published is to be effectively publicised by its owner through more mundane means (advertising, letterheads, business cards, general company stationary and so on).

Not too many businesses have or are prepared to spend the sort of cash a good Google ranking can cost these days, and a good Google ranking is not necessarily equal to a good Yahoo or Altavista rank.

  Harrier man 17:03 07 Jan 2005

I've gone off Google too. Of course I still use it but find its page ranking system (where your site gets credited by the 'quality' of the links to it) has too much influence. As a consequence, it's hard for a normal site to get a meaningful listing on Google whilst big conglomerates dominate, especially sites like kelkoo which are themselves just databases of other sites.

Hence, searching for particular facts or figures or occurrences of certain words is much better done on other search engines, like my current favourite, yahoo.

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