Google Play Music will not load itunes library

  bear73 15:04 13 Jul 2017

I've got a new imac and I'm trying to link my itunes library with google play music (i have a samsung phone and we also use google play music linked up to the sonos in the house). It worked fine on my old windows pc which gave up the ghost earlier in the year. My itunes is all present and correct with 5,971 song files. When I try to link my itunes music folder to Google Play Music is looks like it is downloading but gets to about 1800 files and just stays there. I've tried logging out and back in, I've even deleted the whole of my google play library and started from scratch TWICE. I've tried so many times and it just stops in the 1800's. I'ves let it run all day and all evening. Everytime I give up and then try again the next day.

I just can't get it to work. At the moment it saying its added 1870 of 4534 files, so it's not even trying to load the full 5,971 anyway. Pretty much all my itunes are uploads of CD's I own and never had any problems before.

Any ideas? Failing sorting it out, what are my options of using another platform to access all my music in itunes on my android phone and also using sonos?


  difarn 21:13 13 Jul 2017

I cam across this solution on another forum:-

1.Click the Google Play Music Manager icon in your system tray at the bottom right of your screen (Windows), menu bar in the upper right corner (Mac) or notifications area (Linux) to access the Google Play Music Manager. 2.Select the ’Advanced’ 3.Click ’Change’ and select your preferred location

Some people solved their problems by clicking on change but leaving the location the same, some changed it to windows media.

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