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  johnincrete 08:49 30 Oct 2013

I live in Crete, Greece and access the internet via a Greek telephone service and Firefox 24.0 and XP SP3. Increasingly, anything to do with Google appears in Greek and there appears not to be a button to change the language to English. I'm learning Greek but it will be a long time before I can translate Google pages! I've learnt how to login to Gmail but a message from my daughter via MyCalendar requires login and it's all in Greek! I tried a Google search for a translator but, again, the search results are in Greek and the sites the results link to are also in Greek.

(1) What can I do to convince Google that, although I live in Greece, I speak English. (2) How can I translate Greek pages to English. (I know there is a Google translate somewhere, somehow, but Google won't let me find it!)

  natdoor 11:19 30 Oct 2013

I would expect that a search for Google UK would work. I was able to obtain Google in Greek by that method.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:33 30 Oct 2013

John, bottom-right of the Google homepage there should be a "Settings" link so click on it and choose "Search Settings". On the left, click on "Languages" and indicate you want pages in English.

You may also want to experiment with the "Location" section by telling it you're in the UK.

Click on "Save" when you're done.

Don't forget to return with some feedback.

  johnincrete 16:52 30 Oct 2013

Jockie: I'm XP as per post so W7 not much use Natdoor: I've got Greek Google - that's the problem

  Batch 18:48 30 Oct 2013

Interesting - I tried the KTEL site ( in Chrome, and was not offered a translation.

But if I go to a french site (e.g. Chrome offers to translate for me.

Seems they haven't cracked Greek yet. I thought Google were further ahead than that.

  johnincrete 12:15 31 Oct 2013

Secret-squirrel Thanks. The settings already had English as language but location was blank. Entered UK and it looks OK now. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again

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