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  [DELETED] 05:17 04 Apr 2006

I have been using the '' free space to build a small site for myself and a few pen pals. There is no point in putting the URL here, as is it just very personal.

I just wondered if any more of the members have used the space given by Google, and what the general feeling was on it. For myself as a small site builder, this is a very simple way to build a basic site. I have built a couple using FrontPage, and after that, this is no problem. It is obviously designed for the novice, and I had wondered if others had bothered to utilize the space.

They have stopped taking names now by the way, I guess that the take up has been greater than they thought.

  [DELETED] 18:59 04 Apr 2006

I recently tried it.. I thought it was ok but google have been a bit mean at there 100mb limit. It would also be nice to see them add FTP to ease upload of files etc and to allow it to be used that way as well.

That said its really not bad and i'm sure they will improve it over time

  [DELETED] 04:48 05 Apr 2006

It must be me, but I thought that 100mb was not to bad. I have a couple of sites with NTL, and they only alow 55mb. I have come nowhere near using that and one of the sites, click here has quite a lot of pages and photos.

So far with the Google site, although I have put about 20 pages in and a few photos, I have only used a couple of mb. So, it will be plenty for me for the time being. As for the FTP, that would be nice, but it is only a beta version anyway, and at the momemt designed very much for easy building.

  [DELETED] 11:59 05 Apr 2006

Yeah but this is google with email space approaching 3GB so i was very surprised to see it so low i guess they no nobody will use the mail space mines at 17mb after alot of use

Because of the kind of sites you can make with google pages are bound to be quite small.

I'm more used to using PHP etc where you can end up with alot of files even if each one is quite small so yeah i guess for what it is 100mb is probably fine ;)

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