The Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

  KRONOS the First 13:43 03 Jul 2012

I got rid of my ipad 2 as to be honest it was little more than an expensive toy and it really did not do it for me. tried the small laptop route but was not for me either.

Recently came across the above, nexus, and have read some quite reasonable previews on it and I must admit I quite like the look of it. I have very little experience of Android gadgets and was wondering if any one had A). Any thoughts on the Nexus 7? and B). Any views on Android that you would like to share?

  robin_x 13:51 03 Jul 2012

While other members of my family love their smart gadgets, I have neither time or money to chop and change. Laptop-man for last 12 yrs (mostly company machines).

But secretly, I keep my eye out. The Nexus apparently is miles better than Kindle Fire (which I hoped might come to UK).

But anyway, I am not an expert. See Here?

  Matt Egan 14:01 03 Jul 2012

Try the PCA hands-on

My thoughts: at this price it will be a bargain, but a current Android tablet is no iPad, and it certainly won't replace your laptop. But it has decent hardware specs and will be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which has been designed by Google for this device.

It's supposed to be out in a couple of weeks, and we'll have a full review as soon as we have one.

  robin_x 14:04 03 Jul 2012


Also Reviews (and comparisons) in last weeks Sunday Times/InGear supplement.

Fixed 8 or 16GB non-upgradeable, Quad core, no stuttering they said. No SIM or SD slot, but otherwise a worthy competitor, at good price, for iPad.

  KRONOS the First 14:59 03 Jul 2012

Matt Egan

I've seen that, one of many I have read.


Yep, saw that also. As you say a worthy competitor.

  iqs 15:39 03 Jul 2012

I have the iPad 2 ,great little gadget ,but I hate the apple os ,will be buying the cheaper nexus when it's released .

  KRONOS the First 15:57 03 Jul 2012

So far no strong views either way on Android.

  ams4127 22:52 03 Jul 2012

I've had an iPad (original) since they first came out. Basically, it does what I want it to do in so far as email, web browsing, watching the odd movie or two.

I have no intention of upgrading to the new iPad (despite it's retina screen) because I find IOS to be so very restrictive in what you can do. At the moment I am running it jailbroken and finding it far easier to work with. Fully backed up to both my PC and iCloud in case I decide to sell it.

I am very interested in the Nexus 7 and will be looking at buying one as soon as they are in the shops.

  scotty 12:20 04 Jul 2012

I use an Android phone. Pleasently surprised by the number of things it can do (GPS, mapping, play music, display docs, pdf, photo etc, web browsing .....)

I think the 7" screen is a good format. 10" is too large to carry around. Nexus specification is good compared to many other Android tablets (includes GPS, bluetooth etc) but Google are trying to influence how we use it (Apple's big mistake!) so they have not included any capability for storage expansion (e.g. micro SDHC slot).

  KRONOS the First 12:29 04 Jul 2012


I understand where you are coming from in relation to there not being the capability to increase storage. But I think,if I bought one,then it would be the 16GB version. I had a 32GB Ipad 2 and I did not come close to using 16GB let alone 32GB, so I don't think the lack of this facility will trouble me.

  ams4127 20:22 04 Jul 2012


Same as you. I'll go for the 16GB which is what my iPad has. I have far more apps than will fit but just swap them in and out of the device through iTunes as required. For example, when I go travelling I install the maps, places to eat etc, but take off a few games, or whatever. Just swap around when I get home again.

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