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  Furkin 09:41 24 Dec 2012

Win 7 32bit – IE9

Hi Guys

Sorry - Smee again.


When I click my normal Internet Explorer icon on the task bar, all is well.

But; when I click the little New Tab bit at the side of the existing page title, it goes blank and the ‘address’ in the search field says “About Blank Page”.

I looked in CP > Internet options > Home Page; & it still says, which is what I set it to.
If I type into the search field, it comes up as a normal Google front page.

To my limited (very) brain, it looks like the link in the New Tabs button isn’t working right. I tried right clicking, in the hope that it would bring up Properties or similar, but nothing happens.

Any ideas please ?

* Merry Christmas to you all *

  hastelloy 11:10 24 Dec 2012

When I click on New Tab in the address bar it says About Tab which is highlighted in blue. I just type in the URL I want and off it goes.

  Furkin 11:49 24 Dec 2012

Marvin42: Thanks guy. Up till a couple of days ago - or so - it was always automatic - no need to type anything.

WW: Thanks again. That worked.

I have no idea how it changed - I certainly knew nothing about that menu.

I did download something a couple of weeks ago, which brought Chrome with it (see my post back then). Probably just a coincidance, but I had a couple of tiny glitches just after that. At the time, my G.Earth stopped working/loading etc. I deleted Chrome. I deleted G.Earth & reinstalled, but it still didn't load.

If I have time today or tomorrow, I'll try a new download/install, to see if its any better.

although I have to clear reindeer muck off the roof first,,,,,,,,,,,

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