Google Map Errors

  AlanHo 08:32 29 Jun 2010

The name of my road was changed by the Town Council 5 years ago - but is still not corrected in Google Maps and Google Earth. Strangely - if you search using the new address - it finds the road but still shows the old name.

I would like to report this to Google. the Help file says...

How to access and use Report a problem:
1) You can access Report a Problem in a couple of places:
Right click on the map and select "Report a Problem"
Click the "Report a Problem" link at the bottom right of the map

The problem is that there is no link to "report a problem" at the bottom of the page or in the right click drop down menu.

So how are problems reported?

  jack 08:52 29 Jun 2010

But if you consider what I think is actually happens[In all probability] you will appreciate why.
When you actuate Google Earth and put in a location- a huge server someplace simply looks up a file reference and produces a set of still photos for you to play with.
The same with the 'G' Maps- but a different server using different criterea
Both are in a constant mode of update and change but each to a different set of data.
For example - My Home address in Google Earth will reveal my home as it looked about 5 years ago.
Go to street map- and that wretched car had cruised up my road - but I did not see it- very sneaky- and the photos show how the street looked at a certain day late last year.
Should it come this way again my front garden and car have changed yet again.
So I would think it would be unlikely any map location naming, Street map to coincide exactly at any one time
What I am trying to is - it is not a 'Live' operation

  AlanHo 09:20 29 Jun 2010

Ignore Google Earth for a moment - I fully understand the images are some years old.

My main complaint is the fact that the name of my road is incorrect on Google maps and I want to report it - but how?.

A to Z, Garmin, Navtech, Phillips, and other mapping companies are up to date - why not Google. And why do Google make it so difficult to report errors. The help file advice is wrong.

So my question remains - how do I report map errors to Google.

  QuizMan 10:25 29 Jun 2010

So far as I know, this is only available for the paid version of Google Earth. It may be that it is wrong because the maps are so out of date. Google Earth for my house is at least 5 years old showing an old car on the drive and my back garden before I undertook a major re-design.

  AlanHo 11:06 29 Jun 2010

As I said earlier - I can understand Google Earth being out of date - but Google Maps is quite another matter.

We have regular problems with some delivery drivers and tradesmen finding our house who happen to use use Google Maps - or a sat-nav using them - to find us. Hence my concern.

  Sea Urchin 11:49 29 Jun 2010

Here is the form to report incorrect road names etc. - just navigate the map at the bottom to your road - fill in the details and submit.

click here

  AlanHo 12:54 29 Jun 2010

Thanks very much - your link did the job and my problem is solved.

  Sea Urchin 12:56 29 Jun 2010

Thanks for the feedback

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