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  Clapton is God 09:25 05 Sep 2008

I subscribe to a legitimate weekly e-mail newsletter (WXP News).

I've just changed my delivery address for this newsletter to my Google Mail address.

On checking my Google Mail I noticed that the newsletter had gone straight into the spam folder, so I marked it as 'Not Spam'.

Will Google Mail now 'remember' that this particular weekly newsletter isn't spam or will I have to move it out of the spam folder every week?

  anskyber 09:40 05 Sep 2008

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  anskyber 09:43 05 Sep 2008

To be clear, if the address is already in your contacts list the unmarking fixes it for good.

If it is not in your contacts then add it and any future unmarking will be permanent. The easiest way is to reply to the email and it will go into your list.

  Clapton is God 10:03 05 Sep 2008

Thanks for your replies. WXP News now added to my Google contacts list.

Presumably I'll have to unmark it as spam, for a final time, when next week's newsletter comes in?

  anskyber 10:06 05 Sep 2008


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