is google mail same as gmail ?

  MAD_MIKE 23:55 30 Jun 2012

is google mail the same as gmail? i ask this cos i have a hotmail account and my wife has a google mail one and i was wondering if i could get her emails to come up in my hotmail page,so she dosen't have to open google mail to read her emails. she dosen't want to change her email address as she has so many contacts on there (over 200. if it is possible could someone please tell me how i go about it,please! Mike.

  KRONOS the First 08:17 01 Jul 2012
  Ian in Northampton 08:52 01 Jul 2012

It was originally called gmail but 'gmail' was trademarked in Germany and the UK, so Google came up with Googlemail instead. If you signed up before April 2005 in the UK (I think) you got a gmail address - but after that, you got a Googlemail address. To all intents and purposes, they're interchangeable - which means you can't have a [email protected] email address if [email protected] already existed.

  KRONOS the First 08:59 01 Jul 2012

Further to what Ian in Northampton has said,I have noticed,particularly with my wife's Google address that if she registered with her address at some website then that site will not accept the shortened gmail version. Not all sites I might add but some.

Which has caught her out on occasions.I never had the problem as when I set up my gmail account I managed to register from abroad so I have always had a gmail address.

  mimosa418 09:30 01 Jul 2012

As far as GMail is concerned the and address suffixes are treated the same. GMail gave an option some time ago for all addresses to change to This though does not apply to registration on other web sites which acceopt both addresses as different. If one opts to have as their e-mail address it would be best to alter the registration on web sites which us

  lotvic 11:15 01 Jul 2012

"f i could get her emails to come up in my hotmail page"

Is that 'hotmail' a typo?

  MAD_MIKE 12:53 01 Jul 2012

my oppoliges Lotvic,what i was trying to say was,when i open my email page in hotmail/msn is it possible to get my wifes google mail emails to show so they can be read alongside my hotmail/msn ones. hope that clarifies the situation. Mike.

  Ian in Northampton 13:18 01 Jul 2012

Your wife could set her emails to automatically forward to your Hotmail account - that would be a quick and dirty fix, although it might not achieve exactly what you're looking for.

  Ian in Northampton 13:19 01 Jul 2012

One downside of my suggestion, of course, is that she'd still have to reply from her Google account if she wanted recipients to see/use her Google address.

  MAD_MIKE 22:45 01 Jul 2012

Thanks to all of you who responded to the problem my wife has (i'm not taking resposibilty for her problem). I think the easy way out is for the wife to get her own pc. once again thanks for your help. Mike.

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