Google knows I am in Greece so only gives me Greek!

  johnincrete 06:07 06 Jun 2013

I am in sunny Crete, Greece. On my very old XP desktop, occasionally Google goes Greek but is mostly English. On my new Dell Inspiron laptop running Windows 7 and the latest Firefox v21, Google always is in Greek. I even tried entering and it changed it to The search results are always in Greek and mostly give Greek websites. (a) How does Google know I'm in Greece? (b) How can I convince it that I want English (and will even accept American) (c) If I have a website in Greek, how do I get Google Translate to put it into English

You may say "Learn Greek" but I know many who can speak Greek but do not understand the technical stuff that even Greeks have problems with!

  Chronos the 2nd 06:33 06 Jun 2013


Don't how to help as it's all Greek to me, boom boom.

On A more serious note can you not change your home page to

  Chronos the 2nd 06:38 06 Jun 2013

Might be something here. Google

  difarn 08:11 06 Jun 2013

First of all, Google knows everything - or wants to. Try another search engine.

It is more than likely to be because cookies and cache are cleared when you close Firefox that Google defaults back to the language of the country in which you are at present.

A solution used by many people is that if by clicking on the in English link that should appear in the lower right corner the problem still arises then you can bookmark that link and click on it when you need to.

Regarding translating whole web pages - this may help but be warned it will probably not make much sense as it does a literal translation of the words rather than conveying the context or true meaning of what is written.

  rdave13 08:54 06 Jun 2013

Try this as your home page. Might work.

  Woolwell 11:15 06 Jun 2013
  Woolwell 11:17 06 Jun 2013

I prefer IE10 and Chrome to Firefox as I find that with both browsers it is easier to set the default search engine to UK using manage settings.

  wiz-king 11:59 06 Jun 2013

a) from your ip address.

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