Google Keeps Trying To Send Emails

  dazzawm 11:04 31 Dec 2012

I keep getting Delivery Status Notification Faliures 100s at a time saying that Google keeps trying to send these emails. I know nothing of them or who they are going to. Why is this and how do I stop it please. Thanks.

  onthelimit1 12:18 31 Dec 2012

Run Malwarebytes at first, as it looks as though you have a bug.

  lotvic 13:45 31 Dec 2012

Have a read of and before you change your password make sure your alternate email address (the one gmail will send instructions to, to change the password) has not been tampered with.

  dazzawm 12:24 01 Jan 2013

Its not a gmail email though. Its an old NTL email address!! I do have hotmail and gmail addys also but as you can imagine I have had this email for years and a lot of business', contacts etc use this. How do I go about changing the pw as NTL is no longer about? Or is there a program that will forward emails to one of my other email addys then I can delete this email from my PC and gradually advise everyone of my new addy. Thanks.

  dazzawm 20:37 01 Jan 2013

I can't login to Virgin as I am not subscribed to them, I just kept the email address I had with ntl.

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